Yoga for Functional Movement

Group Yoga Classes Open to the Public

Illness, injury and postural habits established over our lifetime creates patterns of tension in the muscles and connective tissue that restrict movement in the body. Over time, this restriction accumulates to create dysfunctional movement patterns and often leads to injury or limited ability to do certain tasks. Yoga for Functional Movement is a creative blend of traditional yoga and corrective exercise designed to unwind tension, restore natural mobility and build strength in the body. This class will help you build a new relationship with your body, understand your unique movement patterns, and teach you the skills you need to live an active, pain-free life.


Harbor Hills Yacht Club 

3437 Constellation Drive, Davidsonville, MD

Fall 2018  

Sept 13 - Dec 13, 2018

(No Class on Thanksgiving)

Thursdays:  9:30-11:00am

$15.00 Drop-In (cash/check only)

Students must bring their own yoga mat (not a thick exercise mat) and a blanket or towel. All other props will be provided. 

Check back for additional classes that may be added to the schedule. Connect with me on Facebook to stay in touch! 

Annapolis, MD, USA

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